Which Wireless Access Point would You recommend?

Hi Folks, I’m after a bit of advice on which Wireless Access point anyone might recommend for (hard) connection to a BT HH3, 30M away? A quick google about shows up all sorts of prices, anything from £20 to several hundred quid!! On the basis that you usually only get what you pay for, how much do I need to spend to get something sensible? Its really only for a home network, but I might as well stick with decent kit, as the rest of the IT here is, er, “decent” (!!).

For example, I have seen the Tenda W308R 300Mbps Wireless N Router 4 Port Access Point for around the £20 mark, and the likes of the Cisco Linksys WAP4410N 802.11n Wireless-N Access Point for around £110…

Any specific recommendations from personal experience would be great!



OK, I bought one of these to work as a “wireless repeater” … turns out it won’t “repeat” most other wireless routers, but it will to another one of these (I should have read the description more closely) … but it works perfectly as a wireless access point to a wired router.

(actual model is Tenda W311R+)

So if you’re thinking of:-

[Internet]<----->[BT homehub]<----cable---->[Tenda W311R+]<----->WIRELESS NETWORK

It should do the job perfectly well … and (with super saver shipping) you’ve only lost £13.57 if it doesn’t … though it works with my Sky router, so I can see no reason it wouldn’t with a BT homehub.

i’ve kept hold of it for just such a setup if ever required :wink: … or I might get another, and use them as repeaters (they also have a 4 port hub built in).

The Linksys would probably out feature it, and probably be better built.

So the choice is yours … do you want cheap and cheerful but does the job … or do you want to go for better quality that may last longer and probably be prettier :wink:

Or you might want to consider a pair of 500Mbps homeplugs/powerline adapters … such as:

and possibly a cheap 10/100 ethernet switch (which would be faster, more secure, and do away with the 30metre ethernet cable) … then not bother with Wireless at all :wink:


Thanks Mark. The Tenda, apparently has a 3 year warranty, so it can’t be all bad ! Plus, as you say its as cheap as chips, so we’ll go this route, I think. The four port hub bit is great too, as without it, we’d be needing another blinking box, and associated wall wart ::slight_smile:

Can’t use the powerline adaptor doodahs I’m afraid, as power at/in the “destination” is on another phase, so they don’t work - I already had some gathering dust… and tried them first!!

thanks again


Let me know how you get on … but if you intend to use it as I laid out, it should be straight forward to setup :slight_smile:

The handy thing is, I still have mine … so any problems, we can go through it together :slight_smile: