Who has experience that can help build a new distro?

Alright, so after much searching around I’ve realized that my “perfect lightweight linux distro” doesn’t exist.

Here’s what I have in mind:

Based on Ubuntu
Run Fluxbox (or possibly pekwm) with LxPanel and PCManFM (Meaning it’s lighter weight than LXDE, but looks really similar).
Have just a bare minimum of packages…it’s EASY to install things in Ubuntu, so let people do it themselves.

Anybody have any experience with fluxbox or with building a distro in a VM to be distributed via iso?


I have no experience in building distros, so cannot help you there.
If you want a minimal Ubuntu then you could start with the server edition and build on that.
Also a good starting point would be the Debian net install.

I would ask whom would be your target audience?

Possibly look into the Ubuntu customization kit, to build a customised Ubuntu.

or perhaps remastersys to create a LiveCD image of your currently installed system.

See here:

Otherwise you’ll have to unpack an ISO and the squashfs manually … chroot into it … make your changes … and rebuild it all manually.

There are plenty of online tutorials for doing this, such as:

but you’ll need to be comfortable with the command line … or use the tools mentioned above.

It’s currently 02:10 so haven’t followed any of the links but this might be useful

If you would ask me I would say put your weight/expertise behind some of the other (many of them struggling) minimalist distros instead of starting your own. Even ex Fuduntu Cloverleaf to become openSUSE Add-on

Hey!! I found one!!

Apparently WattOS’ latest release (the microwatt edition) is based on pekwm :slight_smile: Downloading now…I’ll let you know how it goes :slight_smile: