Who the hell are Spamhaus??? (Resolved)

Trying to change the password on my wifes stock andriod email and when I do a warning comes up saying “Can’t connect to server your ip address is on the XBL blacklist”
WTF is going on?

Help please

Not sure if this is any help but it may be worth having a look


Good luck


Thanks Graeme

just got to this page. Stuck now. http://www.spamhaus.org/pbl/removal/

How are you connecting to the mail server ? … mobile network, or wireless through your router ?

Connected through the ‘Three’ mobile network. I don’t have this problem with my laptop and webmail. Every thing was fine until I changed the password with Webail login.

This is a WEBmail … ie. you can access it through a web browser on ANY PC ?

or is it an email client application … where you’d need to enter the mail server addresses ?

or is it BOTH … a client on the Android device, that you can ALSO access via the web on other PC’s ?

a client on the Android device, that you can ALSO access via the web on other PC's ?

That’s it. It’s my business webmail. I can access it on any computer via Webmail login or use an email client as I do with the stock Andriod one for my mobile. Like I say everything was fine until I changed the password on Webmail via my laptop. I have 4 other email addresess linked to the same Webmail address with no problems. Weird!

OK. Just read my reply and seems a bit ambiguous.

Lets keep it simples.

  1. I use Webmail in business and I access it normally through a PC, netbook etc.

  2. I access the account on my mobile using Andriod stock email client. I set it up by listing server details and passwords etc.

  3. All had been working well until this morning when I changed the password for my Wife’s email account.

  4. I can access the account with no problems via webmail on a PC, netbook etc.

  5. I changed 4 others with no problem.

Hope that clears it up. :slight_smile:

You probably haven’t changed the SMTP (and POP3/IMAP) mailserver authentication password in the Android email client.

OK. Thanks. I will check her phone when I get home. I only changed the password though not the security. Thanks for the help.

Changingthe password through webmail will probably have changed the password for the POP3 and SMTP mailservers too … so if using an email “client” application, they’ll need to be changed in the clients settings too

OK, thanks. I will let you know how I get on. But who the hell are Spamhaus that they can stop my emails and accuse me of being a Spammer?

By the look of things they look after a blocklist (that your ISP probably signed up for, or the receiving ISP) that looks out for emails coming from un-authenticated email clients … to try to stop spam-bots.

They’re NOT accusing you of SPAM, they’re just blocking unauthenticated SMTP mail

No difference. I have used Pop3, imap, you name it. All I changed in the first place was the password. It will accept in coming emails though.

Even more confusing is I have deleted and re-setup the other emails and they work perfectly!

You’re going to have to call/email “Three” as it seems something of theirs is not behaving as it should.

It will allow incoming mail … that only blocks SMTP (outgoing) to stop SPAM.

Oh God, this has brought back some horrible memories- a few years ago when I was still on Micro**t XP and using an 02 dongle for web connection I too got that Spamhaus. I was blocked from making posts on forums I had been for ages. I did get the problem resolved in the end but forget how now- if I remember I’ll let you know. I read about Spamhaus and they are well hated!

They’re actually addressing a problem that NEEDS addressing … though I can’t talk for their implementation.

I had a long conversation with ‘Three’ this morning who said basically that they could not see what the problem was. Then a missed call and message asking me to contact them…I haven’t but strangely ALL email accounts are now working. ???

Thanks to all who tried.

Glad to hear they solved it :slight_smile:

How much did that support call cost you … anything ?

Nothing. Free if you have a contract. Just dial 333.

It is not the first time ‘Three’ have fixed something and not told me. It’s like they don’t want to admit any fault.