Why do I only have half a peppermint

Hi Guys

I just installed Peppermint4 and after some problems which is now mostly sorted (Thank You Mark) it’s looking really good, however i do have one annoying problem which is I only have half a peppermint on my menu button,

now you may be tempted to say this i’s not a major problem and I could live with it, but I’m a loyal Peppermint user and I see no reason why I shouldn’t have a whole peppermint, I demand a whole peppermint, it’s my right :slight_smile:

Anyway I’ve attached a screenshot to demonstrate what I mean

Many Thanks


If you purchase a Peppermint 4 LiveCD/LiveUSB from the Peppermint website, you’ll get a whole peppermint for your menu button … we’re on a budget you know :wink:

But for staying Peppermint loyal … here’s a HUGE peppermint in a plaque for you … enjoy :slight_smile:


or roll your own with this:


Both images by Kendall.

Thank you Mark

Bye the way I also changed the lightdm login background, I can’t say it was difficult to improve on the default


I quite like the default, it’s dark and sultry … but everyone has their own tastes, so you can’t please everyone.

At least with the xfwm4’s built in compositor it’s easier to customise now (for those that choose to do so) :slight_smile:

Yeah I like the compositor it works great with Cairo Dock and i particularly like the transparency effects I think that’s a big plus, Sorry hated the default desktop but as you say you can’t please everyone and it’s easily changed

I would imagine most people would select their own background images anyway

slightly off subject but do you know if the printer fix has been released yet, so far I haven’t had any updates


I’ve uploaded it to the testing repo … just waiting for Kendall to look it over before release … still being fairly new to packaging, I thought it best :wink:

It’s packaged in with some other peppermint system stuff, so even though I’ve tested it as working, I’d rather have him give it the once over first.

So … soon

Or you can apply the fix yourself … it’s quite easy.

There’s no problem I’m happy to wait,

It will probably take a little getting used to not having the Mint Update icon to tell me if my system is up to date, that’s all


If anything new is added to the repos (or updated), you’ll get a popup asking if you want to install them … don’t worry :slight_smile:

To tell the truth, neither Ubuntu or Peppermint have released many updates since PM4 released.


Thank you Mark :slight_smile:

Peppermint 4 “Printers” fix released.

Run a system update:

sudo apt-get update


sudo apt-get upgrade

then reboot … twice.

You can probably reboot just once, and then run:

sudo service cups restart

if you’d prefer.

Peppermint 4 "Printers" fix released.

Thank you Mark

The fix works perfectly, both my printers are now happily up and running

Couple of questions

(1) Why did I have to reboot twice ?
(2) I didn’t get a pop up informing me of the update, is that ok ?

Many thanks


  1. The edited config replaces the original on the first boot … but by the time it’s replaced it the cups service has already started (using the original config) … so you need to reboot again (or manually restart cups) for it to pick up the change.

I could have pushed the whole of cups-daemon source with the new config … but that would then take priority over all future cups-daemon updates from Ubuntu … which may break something in the future.

  1. you would have got a popup the next time the updater checked in the background :wink:
    (it’s not an “immediate” process, but neither was mint-update … they both check for updates on a schedule)