WiFi not stable (Solved)NOT AGAIN

Hi Mark,
This wifi connection problem has started again. When I switched the computer on this evening, the computer tried about 5 or 6 times to connect but failed. I rebooted the machine and all was ok.
I am using the Virgin Media SuperHub 2 but I reckon it is a bit crappy as I have experienced problems ever since getting it. I am prepared to dump it if necessary, it has been a bit of a problem for a while now and will do what is necessary to get this problem sorted.

Dunno what to tell you here mate … I’m 90% sure it’s the superhub, but there’s always that 10%, so the choice to get another wireless access point/router and use the superhub as just a modem has to be yours … I don’t want to say “spend money” and then it turn out not to help.

If you wanna give it a go, I can help you with what to buy … but the choice to try must be yours (?)

Thanks Mark,
I appreciate what you say.
The only reason I have the SuperHub is because Virgin Media are my service provider and I upgraded to the WiFi using this hub.
As for its (possible) 10% usefulness, I don’t give it that much hope. (At this point the Parrot sketch from Monty Python comes to mind ;D ;D)
My SuperHub has the the central heating unit connected via a cable to one of the ports in the rear. So the wireless bit doesn’t effect it.
I also have a TP-LINK 150Mbps Wireless N Nano USB Adapter (TL-WN725N) sitting in a box.
Someone mentioned in an earlier thread, a wireless router available from Amazon (I think). I had a look and it was very cheap at less than £20 I would be willing to spend that if it helps to solve this problem, in fact my Amazon account has over £30 in it that I could spend if needed.
I await your thoughts. :wink:

take care
Don W
PS After installing Peppermint 6, around the first time I used the computer downstairs using WiFi. I was working away when the connection dropped, nothing seemed to be happening and the little icon was slowly turning when suddenly there was a little rectangle appeared in the middle of the screen. I am sure it asked if I wanted to be re-connected to the Internet ? I hit ok and it connected. I have never seen the message again although the connection has been dropped numerous times.

I can’t remember if you’ve got a laptop or desktop, but if it’s a laptop, try taking it elsewhere (say a friend or family member) and connecting to their WiFi to see if it’s more stable there. Would eliminate the Superhub as a cause if it still plays up

Not sure what you call expensive, but you can get a manufactured refurbished one for £16 here:

This is the post I was thinking about. I don’t mind buying that if it works. ?

Read this:
then yeah, let’s give it a shot :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
I have ordered the router that was mentioned, and I also ordered a new 1 metre long cable (although that will still be rather long) to connect the two routers. They should be here by the weekend but I am not pushed as we are off to Spain again next Tuesday. 8)
I will be back when I have managed to set up the new pieces and will let you know what’s happening.

Don W
PS The Ethernet cable I have is 1½ metres long and seems to loop around everything on the desk, probably 1 foot long would do the job better. :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
The new router was delivered this morning and I have set it up according to the instructions.
Will I need to disconnect the the VM wifi setup ?
BTW the new router came with a continental 2 pin plug fitted and a short piece of cable to connect the 2 machines.
I have had a look at the maual for the VM router and it says when you use modem mode all the connections on the back are disconnected except the bottom one, and this is the port that must be used for a wifi router that you install yourself. At present this is the port that the central heating is plugged into. So I reckon I must take the central heating out and plug it into any of the 4 ports on the rear of the TP WiFi, then connect the TP WiFi to the bottom port on the VM machine BEFORE I turn on modem mode. ? Then all should be well :wink:


SuperHub into MODEM mode

cable from only active port on SuperHub to blue WAN port on new router

heating cable into any of the yellow ports on the new router.

configure wireless devices to connect to the new router

Thanks Mark,
I have followed the prompts, disconnected the ethernet cable between computer and TP link.
Restarted and entered the password for the WiFi router and all seems ok. :slight_smile:
Will let you know if anything develops and thanks again for your help :wink:

PS I will go downstairs now and flog this internet connection mercilessly for a few ( a lot) hours :wink:

LOL … good luck :))

Hi Mark,
I am back after a short break and all seems to be working well.
I will mark the topic solved and don’t expect to be back and raising the subject again. :wink:

Great stuff … so much for the “Super” in “SuperHub” eh ? :slight_smile:

Hi Mark,
I logged on to read your comment, but it did not happen >:(
The connection dropped and the icon turned into a broken cable icon >:(
I switched this computer off and on again and it is now connected ?

In that case I’m saying nothing, so no need to log in :wink: