will iracing work on linux

hi all
i’am looking for a new operating system, before i make a move to linux would like to know if iracing will run on it, any help would be nice thanks

The iRacing website says it requires a “Windows based PC”, it doesn’t even run on an Apple Mac unless booted into Windows using Boot Camp… I can find nothing online, or in the WINE App database that says it will run Under WINE… so I’m afraid you’re probably out of luck :frowning:

But it might be worth asking on the GamingOnLinux forum… they will be happy to advise further.

GamingOnLinux Forum, here:

Sorry I couldn’t help you more.


rFactor on the other hand is listed as “Platinum” on the WINE APP Database:

Now, I would’ve answered this question if I hadn’t had paid for LFS rather than iRacing. But iRacing was supposed to cost a fortune just to upgrade. I wish I had paid so that I could’ve answered your question mate, sorry :confused:

thanks for your in put, i check with the GamingOnLinux Forum, just need to find out before i renew my membership with them.

looking on the bright side i also have rFactor and it will save me some money not renew anyway.

thanks again :slight_smile: