Will Microsoft Office run in wine

Can anyone tell me if Microsoft Office 2010 will run in Wine

According to this the 32bit version of Office 2010 will:


But I can’t say I’ve tried it myself.

Ok thank you Mark, I have an oldish PC lying about in the attic that I’m gonna try and use for the missus, she’s not exactly insisting on Windows but she is insisting on Microsoft Office, I think Windows 7 would be a nightmare to install on this PC so I’m gonna try Linux and try to run Office via wine

wish me luck (I have a feeling I’m gonna need it ) :slight_smile:


heh … good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying for the last few hours to install Zorin (I had a few reasons for that) but it didn’t seem to like any graphics card i had, but good old reliable Peppermint installed without question so I’m just gonna go with that, getting Microsoft Office to work in wine will be my next project, but to be honest I’m not optimistic


+1 for Peppermint … surprise, surprise :slight_smile:

Funny that,I couldn’t get Zorin to work either.

SGS 2 and Tapatalk are awesome.

Hi galaxytdm

I got Zorin to install but I had to go straight to the installer it wouldn’t load up the desktop, once it was installed it would load up the login screen but I only got a big blue square for a desktop


Yup, that’s just what I got too.
I wasn’t too bothered though as I was only trying it to see what it looked like.

Blue screen … hehe … well zorin is supposed to look like Windows isn’t it ?

Strange! You beat me to this post Graeme.

My wife is a Secretary. She uses MS Office at work. She often has to do work from home. Last night she could net get her MS XLSX files to work in Libre 3. Plus she has a lot of macros set up. The bottom line is the new laptop I am about to order has to be corrupted by a Windows partiton. God knows were the coin is comming from MS Office…its flippin fortune.

Hi toonman

Yeah we have very similar circumstances here, my wife is also a secretary who sometimes brings work home, we discovered LO3 didn’t do a very good job of formatting MS Office docs, but i’m hoping LO4 does a better job, otherwise we’ll have to see if we can get MS Office running in wine and if that fails it’s a Windows partition, the cost of office isn’t a concern, her work let her purchase a copy of Office 2010 at a cut down price (good of them wasn’t it) ;D


Some companies are ever so generous Graeme. :wink: