window 7 or 8

Though I like Ubuntu, there are programmes that I need that only run on windows. As XP support is going to finish I am going to put either windows 7 or 8 on a new hard disk caddy and still keep XP as long as I can. What is it about windows 8 that people don’t like ?.

What is it about windows 8 that people don't like

Well quite a lot, but mostly the (ex) Metro interface.
Just try it for fun. :wink:

Then of course there’s the price … crappy anti virus software, and the product placement … I’ve never seen them push a new OS so hard.

The harder you have to try to sell something, the more likely there will be a reason you won’t want it …

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Then there’s the horrible program and app support… lots of BSOD’s and to top it off, huge memory leaks.

OK. I am going to buy windows 7. How do I tell if my computer is capable of running 32 or 64 bit. Also what advantage does 64 bit have over 32 bit ?.

If you’re still running Windows just click the start button, right click computer and select properties, and it’ll tell you which “system type” you have.

If you’re running Ubuntu, then you can find out by opening terminal and running

uname -m

i386 and i686 are both 32-bit.
x86_64 is 64-bit

Why don’t someone make a windows programme or emulator, or what ever you call it for ubuntu software as an automatic download, that would save all the aggravation of programmes like wine and virtual box to work, and would automatically set itself up. Its OK for the whizz kids but for me a 70 year old its not worth the hassle of having to work it all out. I like things easy like windows. It seems that linux enthusiasts like the complications of codes and complicated downloads that often don’t work. I would like a simple windows emulator or similar that’s easy to download from ubuntu with an icon that anyone can click on and use like windows without any complications to use comfortably and without .any problems Is anyone working on it ?. whoever does it will be deeply loved with much karma and likely become very famous.

I would like a simple windows emulator

Why don’t you just use Windows then ?

Have you ever tried running Linux programs in Windows ?

Bill, Windows programs are designed to run in the Windows operating system, Linux Programs are designed to run in Linux based operating systems

The fact that you can’t run some Windows programs in Linux is NOT a weakness in Linux it’s because they are different operating systems

Linux is not perfect neither is Windows but it is not fair to criticize Linux for what you consider poor emulation of Windows applications when Microsoft Windows offers none for Linux

I can’t think of one good reason why Linux developers should waste their time writing emulation code for Windows programs when they could be writing better code for Linux programs and let those who want to use Windows programs use Windows

Don’t you think that your criticism should be directed at the developers of the programs you’re having a problem emulating for not porting their programs to Linux so we can use them natively in our operating system of choice without the need for any emulation

Seconded … and may I add “well put” :slight_smile:

I am not criticising Linux. Its just that programmes like Dreamweaver and Page Plus I need and will only run in windows. There is a similar programme for Linux called Kompozer but its not fully compatible with websites that I have created in Dreamweaver. I have bought another hard disk and caddy and will put Windows 7 on it… If it were not for these two programmes I would do away with windows altogether. Linux is new to me and still feeling my way around with files that have strange names. Is there a list of terminal commands or a simple book of explanations of the files. Linux keeps me referring to a file called var, I have looked at it and still don’t know what it does.
I have just discovered that you can run Linux inside windows, though I don’t know how good it is.

That article is describing installing Linux in a virtual machine in windows … I didn’t think you liked apps like Virtualbox ?

There’s an easier option for installing Ubuntu <=12.10 INSIDE Windows … WUBI

See here:

Be aware, they’ve (at least for now) removed WUBI in Ubuntu 13.04 as it’s broken and nobody seems interested in maintaining it.

There ARE downsides to a WUBI install of Ubuntu -
It’s easy to install Ubuntu with WUBI, and easy to uninstall too (straight from the Windows control panel) … but if you have any problems with a WUBI install of Ubuntu that stop Ubuntu from booting, you’ll probably have to uninstall/reinstall because it’s nearly impossible to fix (I say nearly, because sometimes you can loop mount it from a LiveCD but I’m guessing that’s beyond your skill level :wink: )

Hmm, yes. I’ll install Windows 7 on the new hard disc/caddy. That’s probably the safest bet.