Windows network connection problems after installing Wubi

The wireless is now working again,

Yeah I did go into windows when I rebooted after the wireless first started working.

Was there any change on the Windows side of things ?

Yeah the wireless was working in window then

OK, do you fancy writing a script and adding it to the startup applications in Ubuntu… that runs those 2 commands ?

Yep that sounds good to me

Ok, whilst I type up the instructions… reboot into Windows once more, and test the wireless, then back into Ubuntu and use those 2 commands to bring the wireless up.

do this a couple of times… there’s no point in a script if it’s not going to work every time.

OK, first create a hidden file in your home folder and edit it…

gedit ~/

When gedit opens, add these 3 lines (so it reads):


echo “YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE” | sudo -S rfkill unblock all
echo “YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE” | sudo -S modprobe -r acer_wmi

Obviously leave out the Quote line, and replace YOUR_PASSWORD_HERE with your Ubuntu password.

So it reads something like -


echo “123456” | sudo -S rfkill unblock all
echo “123456” | sudo -S modprobe -r acer_wmi[/b]

SAVE the file, and close gedit.

Back in the terminal make the script executable with:

chmod +x ~/

Now test the script by rebooting, and WITHOUT entering the commands to bring the wireless up (so wireless is still broken), open a terminal and enter:


if that single command brings up the wireless… we now need to add that command to the startup applications.

Open the terminal and enter:


When the Startup Applications dialog opens, click Add

Make the resulting dialog read:-

Name: My Wireless Boot Script Command: /home/charlie/ Comment: Whatever you want, or leave blank

Click the Add button… now scroll through the list of Startup applications, and look for My Wireless Boot Script, and make sure it is ticked… then close the Startup Applications Preferences dialog.

Now reboot, and see if your wireless works.

Let me know how you get on :slight_smile:

That works great thanks ;D, I have rebooted several times and the wireless connects automatically in both Windows and Ubuntu on start up.

Just to let you know though the wireless only comes when booting Ubuntu after I Shut Down and not after a Restart.

This isn’t a problem though because in the day to day use of my computer I will always be using Shut Down.

If you’re happy with things as they are, all well and good, but if you wish to pry further, and see if we can improve things so a “reboot” works… let me know :slight_smile:

May or may not be possible to improve things though… easy to get it to work in Ubuntu, or Windows, but it seems like both OS’s are leaving the card configured differently, so the only way to clear the settings is with a cold start.

So we can “try” if you want, but I’m guessing it may not be possible to improve things in the current dual-boot setup.

Im happy to keep it as it is.

Thanks again for all your help Mark I really do appreciate it. Im also enjoying using Ubuntu and inspired to stick with it.

Good for you… after a bit of a learning curve, IMHO if you stick with it you’ll find yourself using Windows less and less :slight_smile:

Oh…nearly forgot… you’re welcome :slight_smile: