wine cURL

About a year ago or so ago I gave up trying to install wine. I have now decided to give it another go. I have manage to get three icons. Wine, Synaptic Package Manage and Playonlinux. Play on linux is said to make easier to install windows programmes not just games but it is asking for cURL before it can work. How do I get it ? and is there a very simplified book that I can get to explain it all ? I don’t know if I really need these three icons for wine, I would have thought just one would do.

Which distro/version ? … and how are you trying to install playonlinux ?

If Ubuntu based, it should be in the repos:

sudo apt-get install curl

that said, playonlinux should also be in the repos, so installing it through your package manager should solve dependencies for you.

That is how I installed it but when I opened it it asked for cURL I then used a command line which I read “sudo apt-get install playonlinux” but still the same. Running Ubuntu 13.10 Unable to install 14.04 even on another hard disk, the computer wont recognise it, so had to delete and reload 13.10

I’m pretty sure the repos for 13.10 are offline now, meaning you won’t be able to install anything. If 14.04 doesn’t work, you’re better off with 12.04, or switching distros completely. Or even better - figuring out why 14.04 won’t work, and addressing the issue (e.g. kernel boot parameters)

To completely remove playonlinux, you want:

apt-get --purge remove playonlinux

Be warned, that if I’m right about the repos, that you won’t be able to reinstall it after removing it completely.

13.10 installs with no problems. Engineer recons my computer don’t like 14;04

13.10 will install fine, but it’s not supported anymore so you won’t get security updates (making it not much better than XP).

Try 12.04 - it’s supported until April 2017, and if you enable the backports repo the software isn’t too out of date

Personally I’d install 14.04 and try to figure out the issues … maybe try the 14.04.1 respin which will have a later kernel.

Ths isn’t a PAE issue or 13.10 wouldn’t work either.