Wine not able to see USB Stick

I am trying to follow this tutorial on how to set up a USB Stick to install Peppermint
But Wine can’t ‘see’ the USB Stick for some reason, all it can see is 'C:' drive

Whilst it may be possible to get WINE and the Windows LiveUSB creator to see the USB stick … it would probably be better to use something like Startup Disk Creator if you’re using Ubuntu/Mint/Debian/Peppermint:

sudo apt-get install usb-creator-gtk

Then look in the menus for Startup Disk Creator

Then see this tutorial:

Or if you’re using a distro that doesn’t have that package … try unetbootin … check to see if it’s in your repos first, if not get it from here:
(be aware … unetbootin doesn’t add persistence … but the resulting LiveUSB will be fine as an installation media)

My Ubuntu (12.04) does have the Startup Disk Creator and I did try it but for some reason, the lappy didn’t boot from thr USB Stick. It may have been due to it not formatting it before installing the OS on it, it did still have the SanDisk SecureAccess Software (ONLY usable on Window$) (Which I think is bias) I used the lappy I’m installing Ubuntu on and ran the Pendrive program and did it like that. Now I want to be able to do it through my own PC using Wine.

But then my other question on here makes this one kinda redundant!

You can run:


and possibly add your USB stick in their.

But I still don’t think the Windows USB stick creator will see it, as wincfg will make it look like a mounted HDD to the WINE and therefore the USB creator application.

You’ll need to format the USB stick and get rid of the security software in any case.