Wireless printer

Would wireless printer below be compatible with ubuntu and also with a Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop with. sadly, Windows as its operating system

That printer seems to have disappeared from the PC World website ??

After you emailed me, I had a check to see if it was supported by your version of hplip (linux driver) and I don’t think it was … upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 may have given you the correct version of hplip, or installing the newer version of hplip would also have worked … but as the printer is no longer available…

If you need wireless, this printer:
seems to be OK … ie. will work in both Ubuntu and Windows … the Windows drivers will be included, and the Linux drivers can be downloaded from the Avasys website.

These also have Linux drivers available from the Avasys website -
and will work with Windows

If you MUST have an HP … the 3050, and 3070 will work with both Linux and Windows, but again you’ll have to upgrade your version of hplip.

My 7200 Series All-in-one works like a dream on V11.10. It even found the wireless router, although I have yet to discover how to send print jobs via the wireless connection.

Install hplip-gui with:

sudo apt-get install hplip-gui

Then look for HPLIP Toolbox in the menu’s … if it doesn’t become self evident how to hook up wirelessly … let me know :wink:

What a gentleman! I look forward to trying it when I can get into my desktop!

Well I try … the missus tells everyone how “trying” I am.