WordPress: Theme TT2 (twenty-twenty-two). - getting it and get familiar with FSE

hello dear community here in this great forum - in LinuxForums,

i have heard alot about the new Full Site Editing (FSE) and Block Theming:
The new FSE should get in effect in the Theme TT2 (twenty-twenty-two). i want to get familiar with the new theme as soon as possible?

that said:

  • can i fetch the theme TT2 and install it in the WP 5.8.2 ?

  • can i play with the FSE and get familiar with the new theme-technique!?

i have heard that best method to install TT2 is while using something like localwp,

if doing so i guess that i might open a terminal and then should navigate to the themes folder
and clone the theme repo from Github with git

another method could be to try this plugin: WordPress Beta Tester – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

The latest update is the 5.9 beta I think. So i guess, that i install the Version 5.9 and will try to test with the TT2 Theme.

what do you say?! Look forward to hear from you