wot Distro should i use with an Acer Aspire 5735z laptop

hi,iwant to change my os from Windows 2 Linux but i’m not sure wot 1 to use.I have an Acer Aspire 5735z laptop.Bit of a noob so any help is welcome.



My suggestion would be to try Ubuntu 11.04, if for no other reason than you’ll find help/support easier to find.

Download a LiveCD image from here:

Burn it to a CDR, and boot from the CD… then select, “Try Ubuntu” when asked… this will allow you to “test drive” Ubuntu without making any changes to your hard drive.

That way you can see if Ubuntu is for you, or if there are any hardware issues before installing.

Be Aware - Running from a LiveCD is much slower than running from a hard drive, so don’t draw any conclusions about speed… also, as it’s running from a CDROM, you cannot save any changes.

If your laptop will boot from a USB stick, you could create a LiveUSB, by downloading the LiveCD image from the above link, then use this:

to write it to a USB stick… if you add persistence, you WILL be able to save changes.

Then just boot from the USB stick.

hi,i already D/ld the distro from Ubuntu on2 a USB stick,just a bit unsure if i should make the plunge with it or another.
ha ha ha,will give it a try