Xampp and samba on same server

In our company we have red hat server 5 for our intranet with samba server.
Problem is now i wants to upgrade the intranet from normal html to joomla. For that i have downloaded and installed it succesfully but when i type “http:\localhost” it still open old intranet’s homepage.
can somebody help me to solve this problem.?


Ok, long list of reasons why this won’t be working, but the first recommendation is don’t use the “Joomla” package from Redhat.
(second recommendation is “don’t use Redhat!”)

  1. Download the source package and unpack it into your web root (typically /var/www) , you can check the “document root” setting in your apache config
  2. Make sure the documentroot points to your new Joomla folder (for example /var/www/joomla)
  3. The default file will be “index.php” (rather than index.html) , try going to localhost/index.php specifically