xp replacement?

Hi, I have an old HP xp laptop which worked well until I uninstalled Firefox for being a pest and it wrecked the Wi-Fi connection out of spite. I’ve tried doing a winsock repair but no joy and I’m wondering if there’s a Linux version I could replace clunky old windows with and get it back on the net? Please, words of one syllable as most of this stuff is in Klingon as far as I am concerned. Many thanks. btw it’s an HP Compaq nx6310
(and if anyone knows how to turn off predictive text on a hudl2 that would be terrific too. :-), thanks again

Specs on that say 256MB RAM … is that still the case ?

Hi no I put two more cards in so I think it’s double that. I know it has the maximum it will take.

If I were you I’d take a look at Peppermint, but I would say that … I help make it :wink:

You should probably get a few opinions, then test drive them from LiveCD’s

Most Linux distributions are able to be burned to a CD/DVD then you can boot to a fully working OS running from the CD/DVD so you can get an idea if it’ll work properly … you can then use that CD/DVD as the installation media.
So tray a few and make up your own mind :wink:

If you need help creating te LiveCD/LiveDVD … just ask :slight_smile:

Hi again, thanks for your help. I’ll give it a try, but possibly not soon. Can I use a memory stick instead of a DVD?

If your PC can boot from a USB stick, sure.

But an awful lot of PC’s of the age where they would have come with XP pre-installed weren’t able to boot from removable media.

i can go along with mark peppermint is great but there others

how much do you know linux wise

because if you know linux well then arch or slackware are a good option debian is a good choice

hope this helps