Xsane & Epson Printers

Just wondering, is there anyone out there with an Epson all-in-one.
I an having problems scanning documents.
What is happening is, the scanned result is coming out with the white paper darker than the original, where there should be no colour. I’ve tried changing the settings but I’m getting nowhere and the ‘preview’ button changes the settings, yet even those settings are producing a rubbish result.

I never had this problem with HP printers, but I don’t want to go back to HP as I have 2 Eco-Tanks and as anyone else knows, who’s got one, you save a packet on not buying cartridges.

Has anyone with an Epson managed to get the settings in Xsane right, so that it scans as an almost exact copy of the original.

Which Epson model ?

ET-3600 & ET-4500

Which Distro/Version ?

Kubuntu 14.04 as in your sig, or something else ? … you forgot to mention again :wink:

And did you install the ImageScan drivers ?

For my reference:
driver applies to both scanners.

14.04 (desktop) & 16.04 (laptop) and yes, the drivers are installed.

Doesn’t ImageScan install its own scanning app ?