Xububtu shut down problems

When I go to shut down Xubuntu I click on the ‘Shut down’ icon and it goes to the shut down screen. When I confirm to shut down it starts to then the screen goes corrupt and it goes into log out mode instead! Then if I ignore the Log out screen and click shut down in the bottom right corner, it shuts down! Any suggestions welcome.

SONY VAIO 512bm, Xubuntu 11.04 Linux boot only.

First see if you can shutdown with the following command:

sudo shutdown -h now

If you can, try this…

mousepad ~/.xinitrc

when the mousepad text editor opens, add the line:

[b]ck-launch-session startxfce4[/b]

SAVE the file, reboot, and see if shutdown works now.


changed thunar to mousepad in above command… Xubuntu’s default text editor is mousepad not thunar.

No such file or directory exists.

create one… just a text file called .xinitrc in your home directory.

Other option is to add the same line to:

Works now. Thank you. :slight_smile: