Your own Linux distro?

I am extremely bored in work.

Very extremely bored.

So bored in fact I am just looking through Distrowatch trying to find the strangest Linux distro names.

Yup, that bored.

So how about a game?

If you were to make your own Linux distro what would it be called and what functions or distribution type would you focus on?

I will start;

Cantcatchmeux - a security conscious distro so secure it promises that no one will ever know you exist. Everything is encrypted and secure, you need three different forms of photo ID to get to the login screen then two utility bills in the same month to be allowed to enter your username and password.

As well as a username and password you also require a fingerprint and retina scan and if they aren’t successful a blood sample.

Once you’ve passed all those tests the only application you are allowed to use is a poorly coded Pacman game. No network connectivity or terminal access incase Big Brother is watching.

Think it will catch on?? :stuck_out_tongue:

What are your ideas?

FlashLinux … :wink:

Show off :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the ‘Gnomedesktop’ wallpaper… I might put that on my XFCE machine, see how many people get the irony.


Everything runs in WINE, and it comes with the open source beer recipe as the wallpaper …

It’ has “Alcohol 120%” as the burning software (in WINE), and will be running the “jackd” (JACK audio server daemon) by default.

A multilib 64bit Slackware base, with a handful of additions, would do me.

Not sure what I’d call it - ‘dun-roaminux’ perhaps, or maybe ‘the smug-slacker’.

Hmm… For me I’d call mines Fasti Buntu Intelinux.

It would contain security so secure you would need to pass a full-body scan, plus a hair-sample to login with a username and password so forgettable, that you need to keep it written down in secured, amour-plated brief case which is delivered to you by a bullet-proof van.

I would contain network connectivity to only approved hardware, which have electronic sensors that go off, if you try to “steal” them.

Anyone tried this one?

Can’t say I have … any particular reason you’re asking ?

I’ve seen a couple of names recently, screenshots look great, just wondered if anyone had tried. Another one that looks good (that I’d not noticed) is Pear Linux, which is an Ubuntu derivative …

mark what about your s&m gentoo based one "be gentoo with me " can we call the beta “dominatux”

Haha … yeh, I’d forgot about that one :slight_smile:

S&M Linux (aka. Be Gentoo with me) … Gentoo based, text only, with black writing on a black background, that highlights in black.

For those with a perverse sense of security, speed and pain.

mark it would have to include gimp i think :slight_smile:

Sorry, no GUI apps allowed under ANY circumstances, they would be considered a security risk and far too painless.

bash is also replaced with a custom shell called “smash”, and is totally undocumented.

i think my distro would be “sarcastix” a voice operated linux with criticises every thing you do and takes all your cache

first version is called “exwife”

this might be a good starting point

@Mark Greaves, you can’t let it connect to a network! that would be security suicide!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you mean my S&M Linux idea … I’d like to see them get it installed and log on, let alone set up a network :wink: