Zoom complete screen instead of the "main window" e.g. Firefox

For example, the main window of Firefox I can zoom via ctrl+ +/-.
But if I choose the bookmarks menu, the entries of the pull down menu will not be zoomed and will therefore not readable.
The same, if I choose an application, the symbols are not readable.

Is there any setting, to zoom the complete screen, or is there an alternative SW to zoom the complete screen with simple keyboard action ?

I use the newest Mint Version, 21.2 XFCE

Hi Beanpole,

Control +/- zoom is a specific browser feature, so it’s only going to zoom within the browser. That said, XFCE does has a desktop Zoom feature, but it’s ALT+mouse wheel … just checked on my laptop, seems to work fine on everything including the menus.

You can attach other keyboard shortcuts to the action if using a mouse wheel is a problem …