Zoom Linux help needed

Zoom for Windows supports backdrop blur/virtual background on Intel 5th generation processors. However, because my processor is not supported on Linux, I am unable to use zoom background blur/background. Is there a hack or tweak I can apply to make Forge Zoom operate on my processor? I don’t want to go to Windows, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You. 19216811.mx

HI Shivani.

I don’t use Google products such as Zoom so can’t advice on it, but the key point here is probably that your your processor is not supported in Linux - in which case it is very unlikely that there will be a tweak (although I don’t actually know for sure).
It might help people to help you if you tell us about your system and OS.

In Ubuntu I use Trueconf which has a background facility, although the one time I tried it was not very effective.


Hi, if this is what Zoom refer to as Smart Backgrounds then they are supported, but as Keith says there is a hardware dependency (and software, you need a relatively recent version). Their help file quotes;

Zoom automatically enables Smart VB for the models indicated in the above table and for any client with matching capabilities. For models that do not satisfy hardware requirements, the lack of the SmartVB feature will only allow selecting a virtual background if a green screen is selected.

See the link to “above” table for the list of supported hardware. It looks like it will also work on other hardware and there are some instructions in that document on how to do it, but it only automatically enables the feature if it sees hardware it recognises.