Zorin OS Review

Hey guys!

Check out my very first distro review;

Constructive criticism is welcome!

First and foremost, welcome to the family. :stuck_out_tongue:

Secondly, very nice write-up! Although, I suggest you perhaps make the photos a little larger. :slight_smile:

I’ve been meaning to do some reviews for a while, just been really busy with work!

Yeah I tried to make the images larger but the only option was Medium or Fullsize and Fullsize was far too big. You can click on them to view a larger image.

I’ve been wanting to do a review of Ubuntu 12.04 myself, but I’ve been to busy editing these past few days that I just have no time… well apart from when I slack off a little, just to stretch my legs.

I was thinking of reviewing Fedora 17. I’m not sure of what to review next though.

If anyone has any ideas, or would like to see something reviewed then let me know. It doesn’t have to be a distro, anything and everything will be considered… preferably Linux based :stuck_out_tongue:

You should review either CrunchBang Linux or Aurora OS. :slight_smile:

Very nice review. :slight_smile:
If you are considering a review of CrunchBang then would suggest to wait for 11 “Waldorf”
My suggestion for review:
ArchBang and Salix (LXDE)
Chakra and Mageia 2

Yup, gets my vote … well written and engaging :slight_smile:

Suggestions … Whatever takes your fancy … but if Arch is what you use from day to day, why not review that from a “daily use” standpoint. ie. problems encountered, ease of use (or not), how you’ve found the Arch community, loves, hates, etc. … things you don’t get from a quick test.

Throw in a few anecdotes, and maybe a pun or five …

Arch Linux … supported by the keystone (cops).

Arch Linux … no matter how long you use it, you keep coming back to where you started … Oh, sorry that’s an arc.

Arch Linux … it’s bent.

Arch Linux … it’s been around that long it was built by Romans.

Arch Linux … the “keystone” of the Linux world.

OK, maybe not :wink:

“Arch Linux … it’s bent.”


Haha thanks for the suggestions!

I did have a quick look at CrunchBang and I use ArchBang on my laptop so I might do a ‘vs’ review.

An Arch review would be interesting, might not use the puns though Mark :stuck_out_tongue:

OK no puns … a challenge instead :slight_smile:

Your next review must:-

a) leave the reader with the distinct impression that the distro somehow improved your sexual performance.

b) contain the term(s) “monkeys with machete’s” and/or “like having your left nipple (or nut) caught in the large hadron collider”.

c) taste of orange and make the world safer.

OK, you can skip the last one.

A point is awarded for each goal achieved … and 1000 points if you achieve goal c :slight_smile:

Hmm interesting…

I’ll see what I can do! :stuck_out_tongue:

I can maybe do the making the world safer bit, but convincing the readers to lick their monitors to taste the review… that’s a long shot!

LOL … lookng forward to how you make the reader think it improves sexual performance … this should be good :slight_smile:

You missed an opportunity there … if you’d just told me you’d achieved goal c, I’d have had to either award the 1000 points, or go around licking monitors to disprove it :wink:

I would love to see that! I’m sure they’ve put people in mental institutes for a lot less…

“…it improves your sexual performance.” LOL

I’m literally rolling on the floor dying of laughter here.


Actually the challenge made me laugh like an idiot when I read it back :smiley:

Just waiting for our resident guru to come in here, and tell us off. :smiley:

“What does this have to do with Linux!” (angry face). XD

Ah … but this IS about Linux … and anything that gets more reviews/articles on Linux.co.uk can only be a good thing for everyone.

No harm in a little fun whilst achieving that :slight_smile:

Obviously within reason :wink: