zte firefox os phone

this looks intresting
ZTE to reveal its own Firefox OS phone at MWC 2013
Engadget is part of the Yahoo family of brands

Interesting … I suppose a little, to us geeks.

Seriously … I don’t know why Mozilla (or ZTE for that matter) are bothering … at least in the short to medium term it’s still gonna be a two horse race, hell even M$ can’t get in on the action :slight_smile:

In other word … I’ll bet Mozilla missed the same boat Microsoft (and RIM) did.

As much as I love Firefox, I can’t see it becoming a commerical success. Microsoft is having difficulty as it is, and unless you’ve got someone “new” and something “shiny” for consumers to go, “OH!” then what’s the point in repeating the steps of what we already have with Android?

I just don’t understand why they’re attempting this? It’s left me scratching my head. I can understand Ubuntu’s motive, and it kind of has a “unique” selling point with being a dockable PC, but let’s face it, even Ubuntu will have difficulty breaking into the market unless it allows for migration or integration of Android apps, Google contacts, and a lot of other things people will use on a daily basis.

People do not like change, unless it has something that they’re current [object/device] has.

Tbh, I’ve seen a demo of Firefox OS, and it doesn’t look that good tbh. It’s stuttery and not very well thought out.


Too many. iOS and Andriod have it sewn up. Rim or Blackberry as it’s known has seen it’s market share fall from 26% to 4% (see todays BBC technology news).

Even iOS is slipping, the momentum is with Andriod.

Yey Linux! :smiley: