PLEASE HELP ME GUYS! I am freaking out here, and have no idea what to do. I am posting this from my little Mint netbook. I was watching an mp4 video that is on a portable HD when all of a sudden a beeping noise sounded out, and the video went off and the screen went black with writing on it. Then it shut down. It happened very fast and I only could see the word kernel out of all that writing. I have switched it on a few times and the screen is black and it says:

error:unknown file system
grub rescue>
and there is a flashing cursor.

Oh what can I do~?!

I had a look at some Linux grub info online and I tried the insmod thing but it didn’t work.

See if you can get the Grub menu by “Hold down the shift key as the machine boots” if it opens try using option 2 and select the repair option.

Have you got a LiveCD/LiveUSB ?

Thanks, will try that.

I’ve got 2 ROMS in my ROM box with a piece of paper saying Peppermint 3 so yes! This is from when you gave me the instructions to load Peppermint 3 onto the laptop about 3 years ago now Mark. Not sure why there are 2 ROMS- I think I might have made an error on one of them not sure. One of them will be the LiveCD though. I made sure I kept it!

Can you check if you can boot one of them, selecting “Try Peppermint” and let me know if you end up at a Peppermint 3 Live session desktop ?

Thank you very much Mark- I will do that later today. I am off out to see my Mum, when I come back (6 ish) I will try that. I also wanted to let you know if I can get the laptop to boot again and the HD is ok (not dead!) I am gonna apply for a social fund (government) loan to get it more RAM at the laptop repair place.

I am at a cafe on my netbook with wi fi and just want to ask should I try Tramlink’s instructions first or just go straight to the LiveCD?

Take your pick … they’re both just questions really.

OK thanks Mark- will do. Just got in from town- a guy from LUG might help me yet…
I rang the laptop repair shop and as the laptop is 16 yrs old looks like it can’t have more RAM. My mother got me a new laptop - ASUS CHROME BOOK- SPECS:
Of course it is on microsoft so want to load linux onto it asap- what distro do you recommend? Also I don’t know how to access the system on it- to play cds, use my portable hds etc.

Are you sure it’s running Windows ?

Chromebooks (by default) run Googles ChromeOS which is based on Linux anyway (it’s Linux but instead of running a traditional “desktop” UI everything runs inside the Chrome browser).

Chromebooks can also be notoriously difficult to install a different OS onto, though depending on the model not necessarily impossible … so have you got the exact model number ?

That shop is also lying … of course you can add more RAM to the netbook … what he must mean is HE doesn’t have any of the correct type

Oh I didn’t know chrome is linux based- does this mean it doesn’t need the anti virus stuff etc? Well I want firefox as i like the edit etc tab at top which this hasn’t got and i can’t find the computer system- eveything seems to be online.
no not the netbok- the old xp laptop that has died can’t get more ram.

the model of the chrome book is asus c300 chromebook.
just gotta have my tea now starving- not eaten all day back later!

Oh I didn't know chrome is linux based- does this mean it doesn't need the anti virus stuff etc?

Yep (it is), and nope (it doesn’t) :slight_smile:

i can't find the computer system- eveything seems to be online.

That’s what I meant … it has no “normal” desktop … everything is done in the Chrome browser

But according to this:

the ASUS C300 has a dual core Intel Celeron (bay trail) CPU so theoretically is should be possible to install a “proper” Linux.

no not the netbok- the old xp laptop that has died can't get more ram.

Same applies … you can get more RAM, it’s likely he just doesn’t have any of the correct type

OK had my dinner. Yes it is not using microsoft. I didn’t know about chromebooks lol. I can’t figure out how to access the usual computer features such as using my portable HD, and the external CD drive we got with it. Or documents, how to access my scanner etc. It also doesn’t allow skype but I’ve the mint netbook for that.

Thanks Mark- would you recommend linux proper? Is Chrome as impervious to viruses?

I am not as savvy on RAM as you are- I was told that the laptop won’t have the space to add more RAM.

Thanks Mark- would you recommend linux proper?

Depends what you want to do with it ? … if you plan on using it offline or not ?

Is Chrome as impervious to viruses?

Yes … in some ways maybe even more so … very little is actually stored on the Chromebook itself, so any problems and a reset (then entering your Googe account details) will get you back up and running VERY quickly.

Sorry I missed the above. PHEW… glad it doesn’t need the anti virus stuff! It’s a very fast laptop and has great picture quality on iplayer!

Err I am always online but if my internet went down I have the mint netbook. I would like to know how I create documents- this is the sort of thing I was doing on the laptop:

text documents
scanning my artwork in and saving it onto my maxtor portable hard drive, uploading pics into wordpress etc
listening to mp3s from portable hard drives
watching mp4 vids from a portable hard drive

don’t knopw how to do any of that on this

I saw the link already Mark and the portable hd is not showing up in the files.