Installing peppermint

Hi - Ive downloade the USB installer and picture onto the USB stick - seems to be taking a really long time (2 hours so far!) to install. The iso iso window has shown 99% extracting for all that time - the text in the window lists 28 errors… am wondering if this is a bad sign?! Thanks

Erm … I’m confused what picture ?

You don’t download anything directly to the USB stick ?

if during writing the Peppermint ISO to the USB stick you are getting errors … it would be my guess that the ISO you downloaded is corrupt, or the USB stick is dead/dying.

Do you know how to create an MD5 checksum for the Peppermint ISO

and can you describe exactly what you’ve done to try get the ISO onto the USB stick.

Hi - I think it’s done now - I closed the iso window and it sped up - the installer window said universal USB installer successfully installed peppermint 3 on F:\
Process is complete.

I assumed the iso image was a picture - I’m guessing it’s not!

I followed the instructions on tutorial exactly, downloading to pc (at library), then running it from my vista.

So is this ok so far? Shall I do the next step and do I need the boot device selection info from you?


What happens if you pug the USB stick into a slot THEN turn ON the EeePC, and immediately start hitting the “Esc” key ? … do you get presented with the “Please select boot device” screen ?

You may need to disable the “Boot Booster” option n the BIOS first.

See here for further info:

and possibly here, though parts of this are windows specific:

DO NOT attempt to install peppermint yet … you will fail and loose any data you may want to recover … just work out how to boot to the LiveUSB, and select “Try Peppermint”.

When you can do that let me know and I’ll tell you how to proceed.

Hi - I checked boot booster and it was already disabled.

Selected the USB and it said

welcome to peppermint
Start peppermint
Install peppermint
Memory test
Boot from local drive

Selected start, and it said invalid or corrupt kernel image

I’m guessing this is a problem - do you think this is to do with the iso? Thanks

I do … download it again, and recreate the LiveUSB

Once you’ve re-downloaded the Peppermint ISO, before burning it to the USB stick check the MD5 checksum against the one from the Peppermint website … there is some free software for Windows that will generate the MD5 checksum for the downloaded ISO image here:
instructions on using it here:

If the MD5 checksums match … the download is OK.

If you download the Pepermint 3 32bit ISO from here:
the MD5 checksum should be:


Hi - this is looking very promising - I have got as far as having the peppermint desktop with ‘install peppermint’ icon on top left corner. Just had a quick look to see if I can access documents on hard drive but doesn’t seem to - not sure if I should be able to at this point? Not a big issue anyway as not much on there.

Shall I proceed to stage 2, and can I get it up and running before doing the wireless steps? (Just that I have no internet at home - got to use friends or work - and hoping to try it asap!!)

Yes you can install without a wireless connection …
No don’t progress to stage 2 yet … as I said you need to make a modification to get it to install to a 4GB drive … I’ll tell you how to do that in a bit.

If you open the File Manager (menu>File Manager) what’s listed in the left hand column under “Places” ? … or are you SURE you don’t want to recover anything before installing ?

Ok great - I think I would actually like to save some files that are on the pc. I don’t think I can access file manager how you described, when I switch it on I get a window with 5 tabs: Internet,work,learn,play,settings and favourites. File manager icon is on the work tab window - I dint think there is a “places” anywhere…?
The files I would like to save are in my eeepc/my home/my documents.

You could try:
Click on the Main Menu icon, and browse up to ‘Accessories’ > ‘File Manager’

NO … that’s the Xandros interface.

I want you to boot to the Peppermint 3 LiveUSB stick … Select “Try Peppermint” (NOT Install Peppermint) … then when at the Peppermint desktop, click the “menu” button (bottom left of screen) … then clck the “File Manager” icon.

When the file manager window opens … your internal SSD will be in the left hand column … click it to see its contents.

You can then plug in an SDcard (which again will show up in the file manager left column) … and copy your files from the internal SSD to the SDcard.

Hi - sorry I can’t see it! I’ve clicked on file manager and the left hand column just says:
Casper - rw


what’s in casper-rw ?


User ?


System ?

In Casper rw:
Nothing except

Folders as follows
Dev disks etc home lib lost+ found mnt opt root usr var
Bin boot dev disks etc home initrd

System contd:
Lib lost+found media mnt opt proc root sbin srv sys tmp usr var vmlinuz


Look for your files in both:-

User > home (and any sub-directories)


System > home (and any sub-directories)


Hi - I’ve found them - it was in user - home - user - my documents. Have copied to SD card and checked copies on a different laptop.
So now do I need to make that adjustment so I can install?

YES … Peppermint uses the same default setting for the Ubiquity installers “Minimum Disk Size Requirement” as Ubuntu 12.04 (4.4GB IIRC) … even though Peppermint is much smaller.

So even though Peppermint will easily fit on a 4GB drive, the Ubiquity installer will say your drive doesn’t meet the necessary required size

So we need to change that “required size”…

Boot to the LiveCD/LveUSB … once at the desktop, hit Ctrl+Alt+T to open a terminal, and run:

sudo gedit /usr/lib/ubiquity/ubiquity/

Line 796 (very near the bottom) will read:-

min_disk_size = size * 2 # fudge factor.

Change that to read:-

min_disk_size = size * 1.4 # fudge factor.

SAVE the file.

Now run the installer from the “Install Peppermint” icon on the desktop.

Ubiquity will now state that it requires a 3.1GB drive :slight_smile:

BTW … DON’T install Peppermint with the SD card inserted … only insert the SDcard AFTER installation.


Hi - I’ve done all that now and it looks great, but when I click on a file (in my SD card), a window appears saying Connect to your google account and asks for email and password. If I right click the file I’m trying to open a different window appears saying Open, Open with …etc. Do I need to select an application and set it as default to open files? Or do I need to be online to use it?
(I installed offline so need to do the software updates - might this be causing it?)

Might help if you mention what the file is ?

Would I be right in thinking it’s an OpenOffice document ?

Do I need to select an application and set it as default to open files? Or do I need to be online to use it?

It depends on what you’re trying to open … by default Peppermint IS designed to be online … but there’s nothing stoppiing you installing applications locally.

Such as … if you’re trying to open a .odt or .doc , by default these open in GWOffice which is effectively Google Docs (online) with some synchronization … but there’s nothing stopping you removing GWoffice and replacing it with LibreOffice (new version of OpenOffice), then you can open and edit docs without having to be online.

What do you generally do with your netbook OFFLINE, and I’ll tell you what to install … bear in mind, you’ll need to be online to install anything.