I’d be quite interested in organising a “” event in the summer if we can get numbers to make it worthwhile. Something along the lines of a few presentations, some demo’s and possibly a vendor or two and maybe some people from the Linux ‘developer community’. (and of course some beer and pizza)

Is this of any interest? If so, anyone any ideas re; format, location etc … ??

I’ve noticed this was posted in January but there hasn’t been any replies. Is this still on the cards because I think it would be a great idea.

Personally I’m not too bothered with the location as I can travel.

It would be interesting to speak to other Linux users face to face, maybe run a small workshop or somthing for helping people out with problems or just letting them try different distros. there is so much that could be included.

I’m surprised no one has commented on this… you had me at beer and pizza!

You’re easily pleased … I was holding out for dancing girls :slight_smile:

But yeh, anyone else interested ?


And I don’t mean in the dancing girls … thought I’d better add that.

I’m interested, although I’ll be no good of any sort. Since I’m really just a guinea pig for testing. But beer and pizza I’d definitely go.

I’m sure if there were dancing girls nothing else would get done. We might as well have a meeting at Spearmint Rhinos…

??? Now that isn’t a bad idea, I wonder if the girls would be interested to see how my distro rolls!

To be brutally honest, I think the “idea” is terrific, though it may be hard to make up the numbers … but the forum pulls in people from all over, so where do you have the venue ?, I suppose the Midlands would be “fair”, but too far for me (I did say I was being honest) … this is one of those things that if it was happening locally I’d be “well up for it” and willing to help in any way I could, but if I had to travel…

For me at least, time would be less of an issue than distance … but if I suggest the south, that would be very unfair and probably discount some northeners.

As I’m currently based down South that is fine with me! :stuck_out_tongue:

I travel up and down the country all the time though so location won’t really affect me.

I can see the dilemma though. I think it is still a good idea and hopefully more people will comment and maybe get it of the ground.

Maybe a vote for a location would be an idea, and give an indication of how many would turn up at a given location ?

That is a good start. Like you said Midlands is probably a good bet for the majority but a varied selection might at least give us an idea.

I’m in Scotland, so I’ll need to travel regardless haha. I’m fine with travelling anyway, I love trains and the journeys. Although who I sit next to on the train always determines my mood.

I’d say somewhere like Doncaster, seeing as it’s roughly middle level for everyone in the UK.

I’ll bring the fact that the topic has been revived to Mad Penguins attention … and maybe suggest adding a link to the “vote for a location” (if he likes the idea) to the front page of


Doncaster … I knew it would start creeping north :wink:

Us northerners are actually very helpful and quite people. ??? :o

@BkS - Where abouts in Scotland? I’ve still got property in Elgin (far far north!!) so Inverness is good for me!

I think Birmingham would a good start for the middle idea, or Wolves, or Bristol… am I heading in the right direction?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d probably make Bristol … but as I said, it would probably be best to work out where most would actually turn up … not a lot of point if I was the only one there.

Yeah, I think a bit of research first.

I will be glad to help any way I can if it does take off.

I’m in the central belt, in Livingston about 30 odd miles from Edinburgh.

Mmm, depends to an extent on priorities … would need an [affordable] venue … and [affordable] beer and pizza … may not seem like an issue but beer is £4 a pint in London and £1.50 down my local … quite a difference unless you’re TT. If anyone has hooks into their local Uni, that’s an ideal source for both venues and cheap beer … and indeed over the summer, cheap accommodation.

@ BkS - I have never visited that area, I just drive through it on my way beyond the highlands!

Hmm … do the NAFFI still exist ? … I seem to remember local groups of one kind or another holding meetings in the NAFFI at RAF Halton … and there was cheap beer :slight_smile:

I still think some kind of research on “where” (as a general are) people would be interested in holding it (or turn up) … then the venue could be sourced … if it was done the other way round you may end up with a venue, but no people.

Hmm … do the NAFFI still exist ? …
There aren’t any NAFFI’s anymore, they were all changed into Spar shops. Even the bars were taken over but all the prices went up so they weren’t used as much and closed.