Hey Linux folks- is it possible to get Skype and use it on Linux? i have never used Skype before- so sorry for my ignorance. I have a built in web cam on my netbook and am on Mint.

My daughter was convinced that she got a better experience with Skype on Linux Mint than on Win 7.
You should be able to install it from your package manager. One thing (if I remember right) is that it if you are running a 64bit system then you are better off with the 32 bit of Skype.

Thanks Sezo- I have no idea what bit my system is but yes found it in software package manager- downloaded it but to my chagrin one has to pay to use it!!! >:(

but to my chagrin one has to pay to use it!!!

I thought Skype to Skype was free :-\ Has that changed?
Obviously will cost if you are calling landlines or mobile phones.

Once you log in a page comes up asking you to credit your account! Seems that’s only for Linux users- my bro is on Mac and he doesn’t get charged. Nor does my mother on Microsoft!!

Can you give us the exact message and when you get the message … skype doesn’t prompt me for credit ???

Can you also say how you installed skype ?

Have you somehow signed up for Skype “Premier” ?

I take it you’re making a skype to skype call and not just netering someones phone number ?

Hello Mark- I did it from the software manager. It was the regular skye saying one could sign up free and use it to use the webcam but it then asked one to credit it to use it. I dunno Mark- never used it before- only wanted to skype my bro in Spain- was more trouble than it’s worth- uninstalled it!

This is indeed strange have SKYPE on all my Linux computers and it works just fine.

SKYPE to SKYPE calls are free including video…

It is indeed very odd. I will ask the Linux guys at the next meeting I go to!

I have a feeling you’re attempting to use someone’s regular phone number rather than their Skype ID … correct ?

Nope, hadn’t even tried to use it- it wanted credit before I could even do anything. Got rid of it now Mark- can email or text my bro- the thing is more trouble than it’s worth and probably was taking up disk space I haven’t go t to spare.

OK … do you want to try clearing any remaining configs and reinstalling it … or not bother ?

I think I will try it again once the Linux guys have put a new hardrive disk in my netbook, thanks Mark. Once that’s done they/we can look at my system again. I should have had a 160 GB hardrive in this netbook, but as I said on another thread, some wise guy had removed it and installed a much smaller one before they sold this when I got it second hand. I dread to think how it’d be running on Microsoft! I think that’s also the cause of the VLC problems.

You should be running Peppermint (or similar small distro) on a netbook … IMHO Mint is far too heavy :wink:

If I persuade them to install that after the new hardrive is it possible to keep all my bookmarks and password memories?

Yes … if you use Firefox, just copy the hidden .mozilla folder in your home folder to the new home folder (BEFORE running Firefox for the first time)


You’ll also have to install Firefox, as Peppermint comes with Chromium by default.

If you use a different browser, let us know and we’ll tell you how to backup that.

I use Firefox yes. If Chronium is as easy to use and as good I don’t mind.

It is … but I can’t guarantee you’d be able to import all your firefox stuff into it.

Firefox is VERY easy to install in Peppermint … single command, of through the “software center”

Thanks, those guys at the Linux group are very good- I know they will be able to do that.

Mark, checked the skype on the laptop- it loads up fine but the machine itself hasn’t got a webcam ( can’t see the little lens that the netbook has)- so I presume it will work as some kind of live chat like Aim?

Secondly, I wouldn’t mind trying it on the netbook again through the terminal commands if yu wouldn’t mind helping me with that please? I don’t think I got it right through the package manager last time.

I don’t know if there would be enough room on the netbook tho as it has VLC and as you know hasn’t much space left on its disk.

I had a missed call on my mobile- a foreign number- maybe my bro in Spain tried to call me.