Yet another ARM based mini-PC that can run Android & Ubuntu - Mele A1000

I like the look of this (Mele A1000) :slight_smile: … larger than the Raspberry Pi, but neater, and with a more powerful ARM A10 (Allwinner) chip - a 400-pin, 1.2GHz Cortex A8 ARM core with a MALI400MP OpenGL ES 2.0 GPU.

The A10 chip also boasts 2160p hardware-accelerated video playback and a NAND Flash controller capable of eight-way concurrent direct memory access.

The unit comes with the Android 2.3 operating system, and is generally positioned as a media device for streaming video or running apps on a TV. An SD card slot and USB ports further expand the possibilities, however, and an external SATA port and Ethernet are also listed among its specifications.

Though it’s an Android device, apparently it can be booted from an SD card … so can easily boot Ubuntu too :slight_smile:

Available for $70 … if you add the $35.48 (FedEX) delivery, and convert to Pounds Sterling (GBP) … you get £65.45 (at current exchange rates) … though I’d prefer that it was available within the UK :-\

The unit is hackable, and comes with instructions … here’s a video of it running Android, then booting Ubuntu from an SD card:-

The box connections:

  1. Video output - HDMI, CVBS, VGA .
  2. Audio output - R+L, SPDIF
  3. Usb host port + SDCard slot.
  4. External SATA port (real SATA not from usb)
  5. Ethernet.

Internal board has:

  1. UART port connector.
  2. USB device port connector
  3. MIC pin
  4. CVBS-IN pin.

Links -

(including Pics of the internals)

There is also a Mele A2000 (same thing but with extra NAND Flash, 4GB compared to 2GB) for an extra $5 here:

I must add though … I have never used, and you’d be purchasing from outside the UK, so I have no idea if they are trustworthy or not :o

That looks good.
I was actually looking at Sumvision Nano1 (UK sourced)
Bit more expensive and less powerful but it has Wifi. I do not know how hackable it would be but as it is Android, there is always a chance

Yeh, Wifi would be nice :slight_smile:

I’d like sommat that can “definitely” run Ubuntu though … for the time being, I’ll probably hold off … I suppose sommat will appear over here eventually.

That said, I haven’t checked if accept paypal, which gives you at least a modicum of cover.


I also like the inclusion of the VGA port on the Mele(s) :slight_smile:

It’ll certainly be worth watching what people manage to do with the Sumvision though … thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Anyone else got any other suggestions, or spotted something similar that can run a full Linux distro (preferably Ubuntu/Mint/Peppermint) ?

Besides the Raspeberry Pi and FXI Cotton Candy …

This looks good. I wonder how fast it would be with a server edition of Ubuntu on it. :o

As the origin of the Sumvision Nano appears to be the Geniatech Enjoy TV (ATV310) it might be worth watching out for that too

Also it appears that it generated some interest over at XBMC forum (post #704 just below the post about the Mele A1000)
[LINUX] XBMC for Linux port to ARM architecture CPU and SoC chips?

Hmm … Interesting, and bookmarked :wink: … Thanks.

I’m kinda right on the verge of splashing out, but can’t make my mind up which way to jump … it’s driving me nuts … there seem to be a raft of similar devices coming out, and I know it makes sense to wait and see which ones fly and which don’t … but I want a new toy NOW :o

What I want (ideally) … a pair of cheap devices that I can have a play with (and hopefully not break), that if/when my excitement wanes, I can pass on to the kids for use as a reasonable Linux PC with their HD TV’s as the monitors.

I’m fed up with fixing laptops, so something that lives next to their TV’s rather than being bounced around their bedrooms suits me fine :slight_smile:

What I want (ideally) .. a pair of cheap devices that I can have a play with (and hopefully not break)
Then the CuBox is for you: Not exactly cheap at 99 Euros + shipping from Israel, but it comes with a recovery system
Bricking a product (software wise) is a common mistake developers do. The product incorporates features that can recover the system, without the use of JTAG, even if the boot loader was completely erased.
and you can install Ubuntu on it.

Hey, another one to add to the list :slight_smile: … I like the idea of it being easily recoverable, but as you say, a bit on the expensive side (as that doesn’t include P&P (dunno about tax), and not available ATM.

Same thing with the FXI Cotton Candy, very nice spec, but way overpriced … £139.00 (Excl. tax and shipping)

Both pre-order only ATM, but more to keep an eye on, which can only be a good thing :slight_smile:

Keep em coming, if anyone spots any we’ve missed :slight_smile:

OK. It looks like not many are interested in taking up your challenge.

Here is one more Arm device.
D2Plug apparently it runs ubuntu:
Unlike the others, this is available at £170.00 + delivery (no idea of tax)
Unfortunately the prices are going up and up :frowning:

Thanks for that … though I was aware of those, and even considered buying one a while ago, I didn’t realise you could get Ubuntu onto them :slight_smile:

I could have sworn I’d done a write-up on the D2, Dream plug, and something else (can’t remember) on this forum … but it seems it must have been elsewhere.

I’d have expected their price to have dropped by now … IIRC the reason I didn’t buy one was that the Raspberry Pi development had been announced so I thought I’d wait and see … I’m regretting not pre-ordering a Pi (or two), but I have registered an “interest”.

I’m hoping if/when Pi production can match demand, the price of all these devices will tumble.

Look like you’re right :frowning:

I think you will be in for a long wait for the Raspberry Pi. :wink:
Specially that they have passed the CE test as well

I’m not so much waiting for the Pi … just hoping it forces the others to drop their prices … though if I can get one (or two) all the better :slight_smile:

I thought they’d already mailed out the first batch of Pi’s, and were awaiting the next lot ?

Yup, that’s what they are saying … though they’ve stopped pre-ordering ATM.


Hmm. I thought they making them when there is spare capacity (to keep the price down), not necessarily to keep up with the demand
Raspberry Pi pre-orders hit 350,000

Ahh … that makes sense … lets hope there’s lots of spare capacity then :wink:

Maybe this is a scam to get other device manufacturers to make sure there ISN’T spare capacity at the plant(s), if you get my meaning :o ← Kidding, but there have been such scams before.

But if it drives the prices of other devices down … who care … and it *does" seem to be having that effect, if released last year I reckon the Mele would have been twice the price :slight_smile:

Hopefully the Chinese will now bring out a raft of cheap similar devices … and hopefully someone over here will become a distributor.

I may take the risk on one of the Mele’s … if I wait till someone becomes a distributor over here, they’ll add £40 to the price for sure.

But come on people … don’t leave SeZo to do the work alone … anyone else spotted anything ?

I finally got an email from Farnell & Element 14 … and was invited to pre-order my Raspberry Pi :slight_smile:

They reckon end of July, beginning of August till I get it though :frowning: … ah well, at least it’s ordered.

So, then (soon) you will be able to make use of the MagPI magazine. 8)

Already soaked it up … and will get the others whilst I wait :wink: … cheers.

I’d be interested in a review by you Mark on the Rasberry Pi. (It’s pronouced Pie btw, not P.I. :P)

I’m thinking this could be a pretty neat tool I could give to my younger brother & sister, for them to use to play primary school games, and further practice they’re typing skills.

I’ll certainly entertain the idea of some writeups … but you’ll have to wait a while, and most things may have already been covered elsewhere by then